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Blues Night – Reverend Robert – Friday 16 Aug 2019

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Reverend Robert is a master of pre-war blues, and in the past two decades has become accomplished at many other early 20th century styles including ragtime and early jazz, Hawaiian, African and Caribbean. He combines these styles seamlessly in a combination of infectious rhythm and an authentic acoustic sound....

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Singers’ evening – Thursday 8 Aug 2019

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      Welcome to all singers and musicians – free entry – bring instruments and voices!

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Tinderbox – Thursday 11 July 2019

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Award winning, Bournemouth-based, contemporary folk group Tinderbox were originally formed in 1997 by Dublin born singer-songwriter Monique Houraghan and guitarist/songwriter Dan Tucker. With five studio albums and one live album under their belts Tinderbox have amassed an impressive catalogue of self-penned music and, from their reviews, are a band not to be missed!...

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JINSKI – Thursday 13 Jun 2019

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JINSKI are song writer Stephen Wegrzynski and musician Dave Kennedy, a partnership forged from acoustic roots and the love of a strong melody. Their music touches the borders of folk, country, and pop, keeping alive the song writing tradition whilst remaining resolutely modern. Playing ‘live’ with just two voices and two guitars JINSKI have been touring the UK, honing their craft, chalking up the miles and making new friends wherever they play....

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Blues Night – Guy Tortora & Ben Tyzak – Saturday 25 May 2019

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Ben Tyzack is well known as lead singer and guitarist with the Spikedrivers, while Guy Tortora has been playing on the blues scene with his own band and solo for many years. Their stellar guitar playing, evocative songwriting and on stage chemistry will leave audiences begging for...

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Bow Legged Skeeter – Thursday 9 May 2019

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The Bow Legged Skeeter The Bow Legged Skeeter are a 5-piece band playing hard driving Bluegrass and American Old-Time music with an emphasis on strong vocal harmonies. Bluegrass music has derived from the music carried across from Britain and Ireland by settlers into the old colonies around the Appalachian Mountains, principally Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee. This old mountain music was also infused with Gospel and the Blues from Black musicians and Church choirs. There is also a huge instrumental tradition of Fiddle and...

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Innominata – Thursday 11 April 2019

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Innominata are a long-established Hampshire based folk group who perform a variety of traditional tunes and songs from the UK, Brittany and Ireland. As a four-piece band they perform in folk clubs, concerts and informal events throughout south Hampshire and beyond and play a variety of instruments and also sing traditional songs, both accompanied and a...

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Irish Night with Murphy’s Lore – Saturday 16 Mar 2019

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Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Murphy’s Lore Murphy’s Lore is a Bournemouth based ‘Celtic’ band, performing a mix of traditional Irish, English and Scots music plus a few tunes of their own, composed by their ‘box’ player Richard and arranged as they went along! They perform tunes to dance to and songs to sing along with. If you don’t know the dances, their caller will teach you. If you don’t know the songs, just tap your feet and clap your hands! A welcome return to Milford and an...

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Polly Morris Music – Thursday 14 Mar 2019

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Polly Morris Music Polly Morris is an original singer-songwriter who has produced five albums in four years. From her funny observational songs to her more thoughtful acoustic songs, she produces music that you will identify with. “The Flanders and Swann of our day, a cultural commentator with a bulge firmly in her cheek!” – Daily Mail...

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Blues Night – RAG MAMA RAG – Saturday 2 Mar 2019

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Formed in 1991, the English duo RAG MAMA RAG have slowly and consistently built up their reputation as one of Europe’s finest Country Blues acts, making use of an interesting and wide range of instruments. Ashley and Deborah Dow create an exceptionally full and hard driving rhythmic sound which soon has audiences’ feet tapping. Their repertoire is 20’s and 30’s Blues based, but extremely varied, encompassing Mississippi Blues, East Coast Ragtime sounds, early White Country tunes, Original Compositions, and many other regional styles of...

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